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Here are a few link thats feature freely distributed original music (composed or arranged). While I'm not opposed to anyone making money on their music, I have kindred feelings for folks whose prime purpose in making music is to share it with others.

Andrew Purdam's Page - a very interesting site, including free music (of course) along with neat java "science project" applets.

Boddo's Homepage - Adam Bodkin's biggest claim to fame is sequencing not just one, but two complete Jethro Tull albums in NoteWorthy Composer -- "Thick as a Brick" and "A Passion Play."

Ramon Pajares Box's Classical Midi Files - A wonderful compendium of classical sequences performed using NoteWorthy Composer. Even though most are not suitable for printing, the midi performances are sequenced with obvious care and attention. Ramon also offers an excellent list of links to other classical midi sites.

The REC Music Foundation - This interesting site offers two unusual and useful projects: "Classical Midi with Words" is a collection of classical Karaoke files, and "Classical Lieder Page" offers the lyrics for a broad range of songs and Lieder, in many cases with translations to various languages.

Ulrich Nehls has a nice collection of his compositions and arrangements for various brass ensembles, ranging in size from trombone quartet to full Big Band. Carefully sequenced midis, plus scores in PostScript format. German and English page versions available.

Jean-Louis has an impressive collection of NWC files of choral and solo vocal pieces for free download. If you like singing, here's a great resource for you.

Mark Germani Mark Germani has a well laid-out site featuring some of his excellent compositions. Click on the link or on his banner to be transported to his domain.

Ertugrul iNANÇ has his roots firmly planted in classical Turkish microtonal music, but also has a keen understanding of Western art-music. Stretch your ears with his fascinating blend of classical disciplines.

The Classical Enthusiast is a new (Oct 2000) site by Alex Gordon geared towards classical music. Plans are in the making for free classically-oriented music services. Bookmark it and watch it evolve, it looks quite promising.

Arthur Maximenko is a young and very talented young composer in Belarus, whose music reflects a big heart and a keen ear. While I don't normally link to other sites (there's just so much good stuff out there), there was something about Arthur's music that just grabbed me.

Oboe music: Juozas Rimas   Prof. Rimas in Lithuania demonstrates just how hauntingly lovely the oboe can sound. A great way to hear what this instrument is capable of, in a solo context. Click here to go directly to his site.

new /   Like the viola, the accordion is oft-maligned and deserves a bit of special treatment. Here is a good resource page offering mp3 recordings, scores in GIF format, and an accordion links page.

Marc Lamberg Marc Lamberg has written works for solo guitar, also pieces for two, three and four guitars, plus piano solo and four-hands works. Marc generously allows downloads of scores and midi demonstrations. French version also available.

Scorpio Rising is a composer of interesting "Free Format" music (his term), and is also a champion of free music and strong supporter of the open-source movement. Lots of other interesting stuff on his site, from cats to recipes (nuts to soup). Check it out! Scorpio Rising

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