"Fractile 2004" CD Now Available!

Fractile Planet "Fractile" is my first publically-released Compact Disc of some of my original compositions. The CD consists of thirteen tracks, running approximately forty minutes. It consists essentially of two suites: "Steampunk Vignettes", a collection of pieces written for the freeware adventure game "Steampunk Saga", and "A Fractal Suite", which incorporates various fractal-based composing techniques.

The material on this album is straight from the heart. I have gone to the effort of producing the CD because I believe in this material, and want to make it easy to share this with anyone who wants to listen, and enjoy.

All profits from the sale of this special Fractile 2004 - Cancer Research Society Benefit Edition donated to the Cancer Research Society.

Most of the pieces are available in midi and NWC format from my music downloads page. Also, these tunes (in final production MP3 format) are still available for free hi-fi download from my IUMA site.
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Track No Title Time Description
    Steampunk Vignettes
Aella - Overture 1 Aella Overture 3:02 Theme for one of the main characters in the story, the mysterious and beautiful Aella
Caverns of the Heart 2 Caverns of the Heart 2:40 A catchy little cave theme, based on a guitar study by Carcassi. One of my faves.
Impending Doom 3 Impending Doom 2:34 This one comes from watching too many old B&W horror movies, complete with virtual theremin (replaced with a REAL theremin in the second edition)
Lachrymosa 4 Lachrymosa 3:00 An electronica arrangement for a graveyard scene of a Mozart/Süssmayr bit from the "Requiem" *
Storm the Castle 5 Storm the Castle 1:55 A short yet effective theme for the rebels' attack on the Emperor's fortress. Rhythmically odd, yet catchy.
Down Id Da Dungeon 6 Down Id Da Dungeon 2:07 A dark but funny romp in a dungeon infested with scary (albeit slightly campy) monsters and their ilk
Aella - Reprise 7 Aella Reprise 2:59 This final vignette is a lovely (if I say so myself) virtual string quintet rendition of Aella's theme.
Roll Over Vivaldi 8 Roll Over Vivaldi 2:56 Freddie's Amazing Virtual Classic Guitar does Vivaldi's "Andante" from Concerto RV.532
    A Fractal Suite
Mercurial 9 East of Mira 3:06 The soul begins its journey into the physical world, through the desert heat of conception
Venus the Mother 10 Northern Lights 4:17 The astral heat is cooled by arrival in the world of maya, and incarnation
Martial Arts 11 South Nelson Mayhem 2:36 Bhoga ("enjoyment" in one sense, "experience" in a broader sense) of the physical life
Down to Earth 12 Westerly Gale 3:56 The being learns un-attached attachment and finds a measure of peace and liberation from desire
Neptunian Pralaya 13 Void of Sensation 4:03 Return to the Void, back to original simplicity and innocence after dissolution of the ego.


All material by Fred Nachbaur except "Lachrymosa" (Mozart/Süssmayr, arr. Nachbaur) and "Roll Over Vivaldi" (A. Vivaldi, arr. Nachbaur)

Support: My biggest fan, source of strength and inspiration, and life companion Sharon Nachbaur

Special thanks to my parents and family for their nurturing and support over the years.

Grateful appreciation to the NWC newsgroup and rec.music.compose for constructive criticism and cameraderie.

Deepest gratitude to P. Rajagopalachari for teaching and guidance towards a brighter world, often in spite of myself.

Software used in production:
NoteWorthy Composer (NoteWorthy Software), the greatest little scoring sequencer in the Solar System.
Cubasis Audio (Steinberg), V1.0. The oldest and simplest of the Cubase line is still the best, IMHO.
"The Well-Tempered Fractal" (Robert Greenhouse). Simple yet effective.
CoolEdit (Syntrillium) V1.53.
PianoTuner (Fred Nachbaur)
ArtSong (Dave Strohbeen) Way cool.
Midi-to-text, Text-to-midi (Piet van Oostrum) - very useful.
Easy-MP3 and l3enc.exe (ancient DOS mp3 encoder with windows front-end)

All material Copyright 2000 by Fred Nachbaur. All Rights Reserved.

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