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Original Compositions

While I've written a great deal of material over the years in the pre-history BC (before computers), including some three dozen songs in various genres, it has only been since I started composing using the computer that my material has been good enough (in my opinion) to warrant publication. It is for this reason that the opus numbers shown with the works below begin with compositions in 1994.

Opus 5 (a work in progress)

Steampunk Vignettes (Op. 4)

A Fractal Suite (Op. 3)

Planet 1 Planet 2
Most of these pieces can be best described as "ambience" music. They are also truly electronic, being examples of "Computer Assisted Composition" (CAC), and as such are compositions for which the midi files are the final result.

Unless you have a Yamaha synth (soundcard, SoftSynth or external XG synthesizer) I highly recommend downloading the mp3 version of these pieces. (Or, better yet, order my
"Fractile" CD.

Quartet No.1 in A minor (Op. 2)
"Seasonal Impressions"

If you prefer to have a midi or NWC of each movement separately, click on the links below:

Movement Midi NWC
  1: A Summer Sonnet      quart1_1.mid     quart1_1.nwc  
  2: Autumn Spirits quart1_2.mid quart1_2.nwc
  3: Winter Chill quart1_3.mid quart1_3.nwc
  4: Vernal Renewal quart1_4.mid quart1_4.nwc

Two Musical Diversions (Op. 1)

Songs (no opus numbers)

While I've written many songs over the years, almost all of them are unsuitable for publishing today for one reason or another. I'm suspicious of music with words, as the words can become obsolete, rendering the music useless no matter what its other redeeming features may have been. However, I do have two relatively recent song compositions which I sincerely hope will survive the light of future retrospection.



I derive almost as much enjoyment from arranging my favourite music to my tastes, as I do from original composition. The following are a number of such arrangements of classical and other pieces. Or perhaps I should call them "adaptations", since they are not always necessarily harmonically or otherwise "correct". That being said, I welcome any comments or suggestions for improvement.

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Also check out the NWC Scriptorium for other work in NWC format by myself and many other contributors.

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